Bruno Schulz


On July 12, Bruno Schulz is born in Drohobycz, as the youngest son of Jakub Schulz, a merchant from Sądowa Wiśnia and owner of a textile shop at number 10 on the Market Square, and Hendel-Henrietta of the Kuhmerkers, a Drohobycz family of small-time Jewish industrialists and timber dealers. Read more >


Schulz commences his schooling at the Franz Joseph Imperial-Royal Middle School in Drohobycz (. . .)

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Schulz passes his high school exams with an “A” grade and a designation for university studies. At the instigation of his family, particularly his elder brother,
Schulz gives up his plans to study painting and passes the entrance exam for the Lwów Polytechnic, where he commences studies in the architecture department. Read more >


After completing the first year, Schulz takes a break from his studies and returns in the summer to Drohobycz, where he is bedridden with illnesses of the heart and lungs. Read more >


He successfully passes his first state exam at the Lwów Polytechnic. His studies are interrupted by the outbreak of the First World War. He returns to Drohobycz. Read more >


Many buildings in Drohobycz are burnt by the Russian army, including the Schulzs’ building on the Market Square. On June 23, Bruno’s father, Jakub Schulz, dies at the age of 69. Read more >


Bruno Schulz departs with the rest of his family for Vienna, where he sets about continuing his architectural studies and becomes acquainted with the collections of the city’s museums of painting. Read more >


He joins the “Kalleia” (“Beautiful Things”) group, which is composed of young art lovers and representatives of Drohobycz’s  Jewish intelligentsia. (. . .) Read more >


Schulz commences more than two years’ work on a cycle of prints entitled The Book of Idolatry. More than twenty prints appear, which he later places in clothbound folios he either makes himself or orders at the bookbinder’s. Read more >