On July 12, Bruno Schulz is born in Drohobycz, as the youngest son of Jakub Schulz, a merchant from Sądowa Wiśnia and owner of a textile shop at number 10 on the Market Square, and Hendel-Henrietta of the Kuhmerkers, a Drohobycz family of small-time Jewish industrialists and timber dealers. He has two elder siblings: a brother, Izydor (Israel on his birth certificate), born in 1881, and a sister, Hania. The name Bruno is taken from the Catholic calendar of saints, where it figures under Schulz’s date of birth. Drohobycz (presently in Ukraine) has then been located in the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for some one hundred years.

Translated by Stanley Bill. 

The author of this chronology is Jerzy Ficowski. It first appeared in his book, Regiony wielkiej herezji i okolicach (Sejny: Fundacja Pogranicze, 2002). We are publishing an abridged version here with his family’s consent.