Schulz in Tel Aviv

The Polish Instiutute in Tel Aviv proudly presents „Bruno Schulz: The Incredible Century”. A fascinating stage adaptation to the fantastic texts of the writer and artist Bruno Schulz.

This play was inspired mainly by two works of Schulz: „Cinnamon Shops” and „Hourglass Sanatorium”, as well as parts of his letters and paintings. It combines his biography and his incredible literary world full of imagination and creativity.

By Baruch Brenner and Ayelet Na’e

Director: Baruch Brenner and Sami Samir
Cast: Ofer Mimran, Galit Tzabari, Yaniv Peretz, Itamar Sharon, Zohar Kahanov and Shir Shenar.

Duration: one hour and fifteen minutes

Additional shows:
Saturday 09/02 at 20:00
TMUNA Theater, 8 Shontzino st. Tel Aviv.