The Republic of Dreams

Michał Paweł Markowski

Schulz says clearly: the unreal is whatever people cannot share with one another. Whatever falls out of that sharing falls beyond the circle of human affairs, beyond the boundaries of the human theater, beyond literature. Read more >

Bruno and porn

Jurij Andruchowycz

Oil is not a gift from God but a drug. No matter how immeasurable its deposits are, they will definitely be exhausted in the most unbearable moment. Afterwards an eternal paralysis will set in, or at least something quite similar. Read more >

The Heretic and the Maidens

Jan Gondowicz

In one of Bruno Schulz’s drawings a gray-bearded Jakub kneels at the feet of two young seamstresses busy at their work. His advances are patronizingly observed by a tailor’s golem – a canvas mannequin with a polished knob instead of a head. The demonic servant girl, Adela, who has just come in with tea, glares furiously at the shameful scene. Read more >

Franz Kafka and Bruno Schulz: cockroaches and crocodiles

Ewa Kuryluk

An American friend recently asked me a seemingly impossible question: „What would you recommend to a lover of modern literature if you had to name just one book of Polish fiction?” The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz, I replied, the collected stories by a prose writer equal to Kafka. „Kafka?”

Read more >